UC Challenge Cup – 2017

The UC Challenge Cup is a tournament for young learners of UCMAS to push their limits and test their aptitude and speed of mental math against other UCMAS challengers on a global platform. The one who can outscore and outlast others will be the true winner. All young learners can participate in the contest.

Speed and Accuracy Challenge with 1 Digit 3 Rows Calculation

It’s time to unlock your true potential and let your competitive spirit shine. UC Challenge – A global event where champions from all parts of the world will challenge each other to be crowned the ‘Champion of Champions’.

Price pool of over USD 10,000 or ₹6,50,201

  • Champion takes home USD 5000 and champion centre takes home USD 1000
  • 1st placement and 2nd placement takes home USD 2000 and USD 1000 and their respective centres take home USD 400 and USD 200
  • All 10 merit prices will take home USD 100
  • Prices will be handed over during the 22nd UCMAS International Competition 2017

Format: 20 questions of 1digit-3rows. Fully digital online examination. Student should download the software from official website(http://www.ucccup.com) and attempt it online.

Winning Criteria: Highest accuracy with minimum time taken for completion.

Fees: ₹2000 for 10 trails and one submission

Important Dates:

Registrations: October 1st 2017 to November 15th 2017
Competitions: November 1st 2017 to November 20th 2017

Winners will be declared on 30th November 2017

For more details please go to http://www.ucccup.com