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Q: Does a kid really need UCMAS?
A: If you want your kid to be away from calculator all the time then just take the answer as Yes. Most of us have learn’t math in traditional techniques which helps us to do simple calculations with brain and higher level math with the help of a calculator but UCMAS is a program designed to keep calculator away for calculations with numbers of any size.

Q: My child has completed X levels in a Y program can he start from x+1 level at a UCMAS center?
A: No, UCMAS is not just another abacus program. It is more than that. You kid has to start from Level 1 of the UCMAS training program.

Q: Does the child needs abacus to calculate?
A: During the initial levels of training yes. But slowly they will develop a way to use abacus within their minds. The right part of the brain that has visualization center will visualize an abacus and helps the child calculate at higher speeds.

Q: What is the cost of training for a child?
A: It varies based on your location. Contact your nearest UCMAS franchisee.