UCMAS Andhra pradesh Starting an amazing Contest to test your child skills what they learn by being in home in this Pandemic Situation.

Regsiter here to grab the great opportunity to show case your child skills. participate now and win great gifts

How To Participate & Win :

  • Create a video of your child doing UCMAS Demo (i.e. Mental Calculation without use of pen/pencil & Paper or any computing device)
  • Parent has to call out question and it has to finish in 30 – 40 sec
  • Child can opt for any Category. However, he/she can participate only once in the particular week.
  • This contest is only for Ap UCMAS students.
Category A
(KG 1-Elementary B)
Category B
(Intermediate A-Intermediate B)
Category c
(Higher A-Advance)
1 Digit ~ 10 Rows 1 Digit ~ 15 Rows 2 Digit ~ 10 Rows
1 Digit ~ 15 Rows
2 Digit ~ 7 Rows 3 Digit ~ 5 Rows
2 Digit ~ 5 Rows 2 Digit ~ 10 Rows 3 Digit ~ 10 Rows
2 Digit ~ 10 Rows 3 Digit ~ 5 Rows 4 Digit ~ 5 Rows

Date :

  • Contest is for two weeks From 19th September to 3rd October.
  • Every Monday we will announce the winner of previous week .

Rules :

Winning Criteria:
a) Age and Category
b) Speed & Accuracy.
c) Audio Visual Clarity
d) More Likes and Shares of Video in Social Media.

  • Videos should have good clarity and Students need to wear UCMAS T-Shirt
  • If a child is using pen/pencil & Paper or any computing
    device for calculation, his/her entry will not qualify for
    Demo Contest\
  • By participating in UCMAS Stay @ Home Demo Contest,
    a parent agrees that his/her child’s video can be used for
    future marketing purposes.
  • From Each Category a Winner will get a Gift Voucher
    Every Week